Bollywood ka sher Tiger Shroff is an Army officer. Respect! The movie opens with a very basic thing which we all should know if anyone wants to know How to get Chutti if you are in Army. It’s very easy, you just need to go to your Captain and ask “Sir muje 7 din ki chutti chahiye. Maine 4 Saal me ek b chutti nai li” and Chikusulu vakiya.. you got the Chutti. It’s very simple. Then the movie turns very interesting, with lots of suspense where you will be very eager to ask one simple question to the Writer and Director: “Sir, is it inspired by the old Everest Masala advertisement ? not because of Masala but because there is same question going on in my mind “Taste kaha hai?…Oops I mean…Story Kaha hai??”

So, till the interval, it is as good as just to sit idle to watch Tiger Shroff’s not so good expressions and weirdness. After the interval, you get a hint of the movie that it is about The sensitive Bosco & ACP combo. Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are only side actors. Obviously, that’s the only time you will enjoy the movie when Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda with his Bosco comes on screen. In rest of the movie, Tiger is fighting as one man army and behind him there are so many people waiting to kill him but they are waiting for him to kill others and then turn to kill them. Funny right???.Hahaha… So ya the movie is Comedy, the Makers mistakenly announced it as Action movie because of Tiger Shroff’s Abbs.

One last thing, You should go for it only and only if you get Free tickets. Otherwise, watch Everest Adv, it compiles the whole movie saying ‘Story kaha….Opss..sorry. Taste kaha hai??’


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