Lesson for life, you should never message your wife when you are leaving office because she might use it as timeout for her when she is busy having sex with her Ex-boyfriend and wanna be husband. Next lesson is you should not ever think that profession of the toilet paper salesman is downmarket, vo kehte hena “Don’t underestimate the power of Common man”.

So when common man finds his wife having sex with her Boyfriend he decides to Blackmail him. Now, Blackmailing for the amount after calculating EMIs and Payments pending need very high intellect. Irrfan Khan aka Dev plans an one time Blackmail which turns into funny blackmailing game. Irrfan Khan gives a deadly performance as the average office guy who at the end can’t stand up to his Boss, Friend and nor to his Wife. He gets into the character very well giving essence of his characters who is helpless and keeping straight face even when is planning for next step of blackmailing which creates more suspense with the innocence and goodness. Also Arunoday Singh gives best performance of this career.

The Plot if the main Pacman who grasp all our attention with dark and funny as well as giving the feel of reality without losing its vein of easiness and black humour. After a long time you get your mind refreshed in stressful life. So go and watch Blackmail and imagine yourself as Dev which will engage you more and makes the film interesting with the unusual and new way of conceptualizing music, explaining the situation through rap.


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