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Best Street Foods of Mumbai

Best Street Food in Mumbai

Yesterday, after having a full-fledged meal at a five-star restaurant in Mumbai, I came walking down the streets. In spite of loaded with food, what caught my eyes was the amazing Mumbai Street Food. Being a Mumbaikar this is one thing you cannot resist tasting. In this fast pace and busy city, we somehow manage to find time to relish these. Whether it is a rainy day with a vada pav in your hand or after a hectic day at work enjoying all-time favorite pav bhaji. Sunte hi muh mein pani aa gaya na! Mumbai city is full of life and colors. And to add some Masala to it we have these 5 delicious and lip-smacking Mumbai Street food waiting for you to grab them eagerly.


Topping the list is our Vada Pav, which I also in common language known as ‘Poor man’s Burger’. This fast food is the oldest street food which has satisfied hunger from the rich to the poor. The perfect go-to-snack has always found its way to take away the small hunger cravings.

Vada Pav - Street Food in Mumbai


Undoubtedly, any top class burger won’t give you that satisfaction and apna pan wala feeling that a simple Vada Pav does. There is almost a vada pav stall at every street, but the most famous one in Mumbai is the Anand Vada Pav stall. It serves Vada pav with a variety of them like schezwan, cheese and many more.

Best in Mumbai – Anand Vada Pav stall, Road No 1, JVPD, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


PAV BHAJI - Street Food in Mumbai

While enjoying the beautiful sunset at Juhu, how about a plate full of Pav Bhaji, with butter slipping over it and with a tangy twist of lemon. Yummy! Isn’t it? Having originated in Maharashtra, Pav Bhaji has an interesting history. It was said to be a late night food, which was made from leftovers. That’s what it is, mixed vegetables, mashed and mixed with spices, and then served with bread or what we commonly call as ‘pav’. It is the most simple street food which is truly delicious in every way. So why wait, just have a plate but,  Makhan Marke!

Best in Mumbai – Juhu Beach Food Centre, Sardar Pav Bhaji or Canon Pav Bhaji. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


PANI PURI - Street Food In Mumbai

This is personally my favorite street food and I can’t stop drooling over its mouth-watering taste. Having just one is not enough. God bless the genius soul who came up with this small food happiness. It literally means chota packet, bada dhamaka! The small puris are filled with boiled potato, chickpeas, onion and sprouted lentils, then dived into a sweet-and-sour mix of tamarind and jaggery, with coriander, mint and garam masala to spice it up! Nothing else can replace this street food. You will surely find a pani puri stall at almost every street corner.

Best in Mumbai – Elco Pani Puri Centre, Elco Market, Bandra West. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


DOSA - Street Food in Mumbai

Originating from South India, Dosa has been one of the famous and common street food in Mumbai.  With adding a variety of spices and vegetables to it, we enjoy this crispy and thin street food like any other street food. On my visit to one such stall, I found a vast variety of dosa. Like pav bhaji dosa, double cheese dosa, Chinese dosa. What took my attention was ‘Salsa dosa’. Funny, right? But as its name suggest it was just amazing with the perfect tangy twist.

Best in Mumbai –  Anand Stall, Outside Mithibai College, Gulmohar Road No. 1, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


KEBABS & SHAWARMA - Street Food in Mumbai

To all the non-vegetarian out there, don’t be disheartened. I have the perfect place and food for you. Kebabs and shawarma are here to fulfill your love for non-veg food. These originating from the Middle Eastern countries, kebabs usually consists of small pieces of fish or meat that are marinated and grilled over a bbq.  After kebabs, there are shawarmas which also have grabbed a place in Mumbai’s best street food. It is stacked of meat slices and then served as a wrap.

Best in Mumbai –  Sarvis Seekh Kebabs, Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai and Shawarma Factory, Mahakali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mumbai is the busiest city, there are many street foods to be explored in Mumbai. These are just the best 5! So keep enjoying being the perfect Mumbaikar foodie. And as it is said, the city that works more eats more!

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