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Top 6 Mantras to Healthy Relationship

6 Mantras of Healthy Relationship - JotOff

Whenever we are home alone and we need to cook something really tasty and quick, we just google for some delicious recipes and thanks to the google baba to land a number of recipes for us. But have you ever thought of the perfect recipe for a Healthy Relationship?

No? Don’t you worry, we bring to you the perfect mantra, the perfect recipe for a Healthy Relationship and will surely bring it on track. So, get ready and note down the ingredients from below!


Starting from the first ingredient, which we need abundantly. Appreciation whenever you can. Sometimes things can brighten up by a simple “Well done, i’m proud of you!”. These cannot be achieved by getting expensive gifts, dinner dates etc. Every individual has its self – respect and is bound to receive it. So its a simple funda, you give respect, you take respect.


Before getting in the relationship we should start loving ourselves. That at no point will make you selfish. It is indeed necessary to have some space or vacuum in the relationship. Sometimes you need some me time and spend some time alone which is completely alright.  Spending time on yourself doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner, it’s just you both are giving each other your perfect me time.


Ladki kyu na jaane kyu, ladko si nahi hoti?  Nahi ho sakti and neither the boys can be like  girls. Men and Women are two different and strong personalities, and it is completely fine to have a different opinion and views. Understanding each other’s differences and choices can help your relation build more stronger.


It is rightly said that Love is Friendship. Sometimes, things which don’t go well as lovers, work best as friends. As friends you will always have a kind of comfort and fun kinda bonding. Keeping aside that feeling that we are a couple and we can’t do what friends don’t do it out of belief. Infact, do some crazy fun like you would do with your best friend and then see the results.

Healthy Relationship


Actions speak louder than words. After a long tiring day at work, just a warm hug can soothe things and mood as well. Physical affection not only means getting way to intimate. Holding hands, hugging and touching will bring a calming sensation and reduce stress for each other. Studies say that the hormone Oxytocin also know as love hormone is released when you indulge in hugging or cuddling.


Most of the relationships tend to get more worse because of anger.  It will not let you understand what is good or whst it bad, but will only heat up the situation. So if you have an argument with your partner, just calm down, take a deep breathe, and then properly share what you have to say.

Having love in your relationship will not work always. These things play a very important role in building up the foundation of your relationship.  If both the partners will sincerely follow these ways then no one can stop your relationship from being the most romantic and healthy one. So keep adding these ingredients and spice up things in your love life!

Tips to stay cool this summer

How to stay cool in summer

From the past one week I can hear everyone just saying these 3 magical words. No No. Not I love you! Hahahaha.They keep saying “IT’S SOOOOOOO HOT!” While writing this down also, I have sweat slipping down my face. But, don’t you worry, I have some best ways to say bye-bye to this extreme summer heat and Stay happy, chilled and cooool!


Pani Hai toh Jeevan Hai. This is so true mahn! Keep drinking as much water as possible. This is the best way to beat the summer heat. Not only water but also juices and health drinks like green tea or buttermilk is surely the best option.


Summer is the season to stay positive and being positive means you should first see your comfort. Wearing tight clothes will loose your comfort as well as make you feel more hot. So wear loose and light colored clothes. Avoid wearing black since it absorbs the heat.Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a light color.


Thande Thande pani se nahana chahiye! This song absolutely states what I mean to say. Taking cold showers make you fresh and keeps your body temperature cool.


In summers, food intake also should be properly taken care. Avoid spicy and canned foods. Eat light and fresh like fruits and vegetables. Eat fruits with good source of Vitamin C like lemons and oranges. Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake as they might heat up your body temperature.


Always move out in the sun with a hat or scarf to cover. Also you can apply some sunscreen for better protection. And don’t forget to put your shades on! Be cool and Stay cool!


Summers make you exhausted and it is important to take proper rest to your body and mind. So take enough rest, have good sleep and most important, stay positive and stress free.

Summers are also the best times to enjoy. So pack your bags and go for a vacation, possibly a beach. But yes, don’t forget to remember these tips and enjoy the summer!

Say YES to Condoms, NO to Condom Snorting Challenge

Condom Snorting Challenge - JotOff

Browsing the internet, I came across this bizarre challenge “The Condom Snorting Challenge!” The name itself is so disturbing, wonder how people are actually doing it! People have been snorting condoms for years. This challenge gained attention in 2013 when a video of a woman snorting a condom surfaced over the internet.

This challenge which is more common among the teenagers, wherein they were seen putting condom up their nostrils and keep inhaling until it comes out from the mouth. Like whaaaaaaaaat??? Seriously! How can someone even imagine doing it? This challenge is not only dangerous but also can be extremely fatal. Experts are constantly warning teenagers and parents of this online trend. This challenge can cause choking and also allergic reactions due to the latex on the condom. They can tend to get stuck in the nasal cavity.

Condom Snorting Challenge

Teenagers don’t think about the dangerous and life-threatening consequences of this challenge but just do it because it is viral up on the internet. Condoms stuck can cause long-term damage as well. In the past years, there was a case in India, where a woman accidentally inhaled a condom through her nose, didn’t get it out and her lung collapsed. She spent six months with a mucus-heavy cough and fever until doctors removed it surgically from her lungs.

The teens nowadays themselves are re-creating it and doing it for more likes and views but forgetting the consequences of the same. Parents should warn and stop the kids from browsing such stuff online and re-creating them.

Best tweets by Indian celebs

tweets by indian celebs

Playing an extraordinary role is not so easy in real life. But Celebrities know how to maintain the balance. And usually they talk on many day to day topics.

Let’s read some of them picked by us:

1. Chetan Bhagat

Revealing the sensible facts about Politics.

2. Amitabh Bacchan

Black & white – the color of justice.

3. Akshay Kumar

When he loves her to the fullest and feel proud to give her all the credits..It’s simply selfless love. 🙂

4. Sachin Tendulkar

The success mantra from the master blaster Sachin. This would be an motivational quote for upcoming IPL.

5. Farah Khan

Yes, being a mother of triplets you can never hold back the time. The time will fly three times faster for your motherhood. #adorable #triplets

6. Sonakshi Sinha

Pulling her strength, you should follow.

7. Neha Kakkar

Neha never fail to show all her love and respect towards her core support system, Tony Kakkar and Sonu Kakkar. A perfect home of powerful souls.

8. Asha Bhosale

She is from an golden era of the Indian music and keeping it alive for the future.

9. Madhuri Dixit-Nene

Dhak Dhak girl and her immortal gestures are just never ending 🙂

10. Manushi Chillar

Last but not the least, beauty with brain from India (Miss world), proved the greatness of motherhood is on top of all.

Best Street Foods of Mumbai

Best Street Food in Mumbai

Yesterday, after having a full-fledged meal at a five-star restaurant in Mumbai, I came walking down the streets. In spite of loaded with food, what caught my eyes was the amazing Mumbai Street Food. Being a Mumbaikar this is one thing you cannot resist tasting. In this fast pace and busy city, we somehow manage to find time to relish these. Whether it is a rainy day with a vada pav in your hand or after a hectic day at work enjoying all-time favorite pav bhaji. Sunte hi muh mein pani aa gaya na! Mumbai city is full of life and colors. And to add some Masala to it we have these 5 delicious and lip-smacking Mumbai Street food waiting for you to grab them eagerly.


Topping the list is our Vada Pav, which I also in common language known as ‘Poor man’s Burger’. This fast food is the oldest street food which has satisfied hunger from the rich to the poor. The perfect go-to-snack has always found its way to take away the small hunger cravings.

Vada Pav - Street Food in Mumbai


Undoubtedly, any top class burger won’t give you that satisfaction and apna pan wala feeling that a simple Vada Pav does. There is almost a vada pav stall at every street, but the most famous one in Mumbai is the Anand Vada Pav stall. It serves Vada pav with a variety of them like schezwan, cheese and many more.

Best in Mumbai – Anand Vada Pav stall, Road No 1, JVPD, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


PAV BHAJI - Street Food in Mumbai

While enjoying the beautiful sunset at Juhu, how about a plate full of Pav Bhaji, with butter slipping over it and with a tangy twist of lemon. Yummy! Isn’t it? Having originated in Maharashtra, Pav Bhaji has an interesting history. It was said to be a late night food, which was made from leftovers. That’s what it is, mixed vegetables, mashed and mixed with spices, and then served with bread or what we commonly call as ‘pav’. It is the most simple street food which is truly delicious in every way. So why wait, just have a plate but,  Makhan Marke!

Best in Mumbai – Juhu Beach Food Centre, Sardar Pav Bhaji or Canon Pav Bhaji. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


PANI PURI - Street Food In Mumbai

This is personally my favorite street food and I can’t stop drooling over its mouth-watering taste. Having just one is not enough. God bless the genius soul who came up with this small food happiness. It literally means chota packet, bada dhamaka! The small puris are filled with boiled potato, chickpeas, onion and sprouted lentils, then dived into a sweet-and-sour mix of tamarind and jaggery, with coriander, mint and garam masala to spice it up! Nothing else can replace this street food. You will surely find a pani puri stall at almost every street corner.

Best in Mumbai – Elco Pani Puri Centre, Elco Market, Bandra West. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


DOSA - Street Food in Mumbai

Originating from South India, Dosa has been one of the famous and common street food in Mumbai.  With adding a variety of spices and vegetables to it, we enjoy this crispy and thin street food like any other street food. On my visit to one such stall, I found a vast variety of dosa. Like pav bhaji dosa, double cheese dosa, Chinese dosa. What took my attention was ‘Salsa dosa’. Funny, right? But as its name suggest it was just amazing with the perfect tangy twist.

Best in Mumbai –  Anand Stall, Outside Mithibai College, Gulmohar Road No. 1, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


KEBABS & SHAWARMA - Street Food in Mumbai

To all the non-vegetarian out there, don’t be disheartened. I have the perfect place and food for you. Kebabs and shawarma are here to fulfill your love for non-veg food. These originating from the Middle Eastern countries, kebabs usually consists of small pieces of fish or meat that are marinated and grilled over a bbq.  After kebabs, there are shawarmas which also have grabbed a place in Mumbai’s best street food. It is stacked of meat slices and then served as a wrap.

Best in Mumbai –  Sarvis Seekh Kebabs, Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai and Shawarma Factory, Mahakali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mumbai is the busiest city, there are many street foods to be explored in Mumbai. These are just the best 5! So keep enjoying being the perfect Mumbaikar foodie. And as it is said, the city that works more eats more!


10 Facts about Easter

Today is Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate this day as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He was crucified three days before Easter and that day is called as the ‘Good Friday’ or also ‘Holy Friday’.  Not many are aware of why Easter is celebrated, what do easter eggs symbolize? Don’t you worry, we have all your doubts cleared. Here are some interesting facts about Easter.

Colourfull Easter Eggs - JotOff

  1. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon. There is no fixed day for Easter, it usually falls in the month of March or April
  2. Christians follow the ‘Lent’ which is of 40 days and consists of prayer, self-punishment, and fasting.
  3. Judas Iscariot was the one who betrayed Jesus Christ and this led to his crucifixion.
  4. Jesus Christ died for our sins and when he was resurrected he claimed to be the ‘Son of God’.
  5. Eggs which is a  symbol of fertility is considered to bring new life and rebirth. Because of this, the tradition of giving Easter eggs started. People decorate and paint easter eggs which is dyed with flower petals and juices.
  6. Origins of the Easter Bunny are not yet clear but has his place in German writings. The first edible Easter bunny was made in Germany in the 18th century and was made from sugar and pastry.
  7. Approximately 90 million chocolate bunnies are sold on Easter Day.
  8. Celebrating Easter includes going to Church, meeting family and friends, decorating and gifting Easter eggs and having a good meal. The wine symbolizes Jesus’ blood and the bread symbolizes his body.
  9. The first story of a rabbit (later named the “Easter Bunny”) hiding eggs in a garden was published in 1680.
  10. Easter is the oldest Christian holiday. Approximately $14.7 billion is spent every Easter, with an average of $130 for each home. 120 million pounds of candy are sold at Easter.

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